Name Discription Country
Ray's Holsters Holsters USA
RCBS Reloading parts USA
Red Star Arms USA made AK-47, AR-15, SKS, 10-22 and Single Action parts USA
Redding Reloading Equipment Reloading parts USA
REISSAUS printer for paper-targets Germany
Rescomp Handgun Technologies  Online ShopHolsters, Muzzle Compensators and other gun acessories South Africa
Rika Target Sport GmbH Target Transport Systems Austria
Ring's Manufacturing Firearm Simulators, Melbourne - FL 32904 USA
RINK grips Germany
RIWAL  Online Shopholsters Germany
Royse Lock Industries 'Lock & Loader' gun locks USA
RPA Precison Engineering Sights and Trigger, Tonbridge - Kent TN9 1RP UK
Rugged Gear Gun racks, gun holder and Bi-Pods USA
S & K Industries, Inc. Wood and laminate gunstocks USA
SA Gunleather Inc Holsters USA
Safariland Ltd., Inc. Holsters USA
SAUER Shooting Sportswear shootingsportswear Germany
Schiesssport - Pfeiffer General importer for Corami (Swiss) shooting shoes Germany
Schirmer-Tresore Safes Germany
Schuemann Barrels Barrels USA
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